David Newell has excelled in Savile Row’s high standards, resulting in him training others to equaling standards. He knows what it takes to successfully conduct a valuable sartorial consultation, determining the customer’s needs and requirements and skillfully interpreting their desires in order to create the best suit “spoken by you.”


“There is no use in a beautifully crafted suit if it doesn’t fit!”

You can frequently hear Raff and David having fruitful arm-waving debates on how a suit should sit on a man.

David comes from a more British contemporary, structured style, while Raff prefers a softer, conservative, Italian chic style. In the end, Raff‟s influence and 50 years of experience is invaluable and their collaboration always results in the best possible outcome for the client.Newell Bespoke is well versed in the traditions of the Savile Row cut; finely waist-ed with narrow shoulders, and also the more contemporary styles of Richard James and Ozwald Boateng who are constantly pushing boundaries, to the likes of Mark Powell from Soho who constantly surpasses them.

Each piece is considered ‘practical art and sculpture’

During his 10 year tenure, he has measured thousands of clients and this experience has nurtured his ability to instinctively recognize combinations of measurements, so that a pattern cutter can achieve the desired look, style and fit for each individual customer. Each piece is considered ‘practical art and sculpture’; a reference from his Central St Martin’s art school days.“There is no use in a beautifully crafted suit if it doesn’t fit right. You can have the best tailor in the world but if the measurements aren’t correct, all you’ll end up with is a beautifully-made ill-fitting suit… and what’s the point in that?”



On Set, In Style

You can see Newell Bespoke draped across the shoulders of giants across the world.


Actor & Musician


Actor & Comedian







A well-cut suit or jacket should reflect and highlight the personality of the customer with the precision of a plastic surgeon; enhancing good features and disguising flaws.

This rich source of inspiration coupled with Italian sartorial influences, gives Newell Bespoke a multitude of styles, cuts and tricks of the trade to be able to create the perfect suit for every client. “When the CEO of an International German bank hugs you because he can’t contain his delight with the way his new suit looks, fits and feels… you know you must be doing something right!”Newell Bespoke aspires to an understated, quietly confident style with the occasional bout of insolence! “I have a tremendous amount of respect for the institute of Savile Row as I have learnt from the best, and now have my own unique vision from looking through three centuries of sartorial tradition.”

A well-cut suit or jacket should reflect and highlight the personality of the customer with the precision of a plastic surgeon; enhancing good features and disguising flaws.

“One has to determine, from the initial consultation with the client, what particular style he is comfortable with, and then suggest ways to expand out of his comfort zone with something fresh, new and exciting.

.”Newell Bespoke operates from a small studio in Soho (Savile Row’s naughty sister) within a traditional Italian tailor’s workshop stooped in Napoleon history. The studio has been run for over 50 years by an amazing 75 years young ‘sharp as scissors’ Italian affectionately known as “Raff The Tailor.”



1st Floor, 186 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, WC2B 5QD